And we’re off

Commisioning my newest Fantasy Football League had me writing a weekly recap over the past couple months, and now, when it’s over, I have the feeling that I will miss the writing assignment.  Add to that, the need/want to practice writing and find my style for no real purpose at all, and you have “we talkin about practice”.  I don’t have much of a plan for the site at this point so it will obviously evolve as time goes on.  Pretty sure nobody is going to be reading anyway, atleast for awhile, so it is what it is and all that good stuff.

I’m a live music junkie, sports nut, avid reader of many genres, and quite opinionated so hopefully this will be fun project all around.  While I familiarize myself with this process there will be lots of changes and experimental things going on so if there are any readers you’ll just have bear with me until I can figure this all out.  Until then I’ll probably just steal lots of stuff from other sites on the net.  With that said,

Note Eater

Old school Widespread Panic on the ceiling of one of the better venues I've been to.