Quick Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Title says it all.  After a LONG (seems longer than 4 days) weekend of too much food, too much beer, not enough sleep, and zero productivity, I’ve got to get back on the rails this morning.  I’m thinking a little recap might get me in a good frame of mind.

The LONG (did I mention it seemed longer than 4 days) weekend was fantastic.  I got to hang out with family and catch up with friends that I don’t get to see as often as I’d like.  Bouncing around and couch surfing during the holidays is an awesome way to see everyone in their natural habitat.  Being the last un-attached guy in my group of friends, this makes me feel like Jane Goodall and always reminds me of why I am still single.  I’m glad all my friends are happy, but that is just not the life for me.  The wives, the kids, the in-laws, and all the recreational responsibilityes that come along with those things would be more than I could handle.  I DO love all my friends kids and they always have a big smile for me when they find me crashed among their toys on those random mornings.  The wives, on the other hand, will usually tolerate it.  I try to buy or cook breakfast in an attempt to earn my keep.

The weather was great and allowed for a couple of rounds of golf.  One comeback from 8 pts down to force a tie in a low ball / low total team match and the other was a lazy, no score keeping round with my dad and his buddy while listening to football on the radio.  More than likely the last days on the course of 2011.

I’m scared to even see how much money I spent b/c I know I have nothing to show it for but wallet full of receipts.  High test IPAs and other asset free spending add up in a hurry.

My workout this afternoon is going to be brutal and I’m sure and work will drag for another six hours until I can can even get that far. But, that is all for the negatives this morning.  I couldn’t ask for a better time and I look forward to doing again in a month.  Until then, I’ve got to “do work”.  Plenty of things to handle before then.



Reflections on the Turtle Man and other television outliers

I happened to catch my first episode of “Call of the Wildman” the other night and I’ve had a few conversations about it since.  Some people really liked the show and how Ernie Brown is portrayed.  It turned some people off and they felt sorry for Ernie and felt he was being exploited.  It upset others still and they felt sorry for themselves.  The show seemed to be more polarizing than it should have been at first glance and it got me thinking.  For anyone who hasn’t seen this show, here is a little taste.

So I did some digging around, read some background information and ultimately came across this blog entry by from Urocyon which I enjoyed quite a bit.  (Sorry for the long link.  Apparently I’m not smart enough to link it with a title).  http://urocyon.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/the-kentucky-turtle-man-and-internalized-racism/

After reading Urocyon’s post, I have to admit, that I too had some of the initial feelings of “making us” look bad.  In my case, I refer to “us” as Kentuckians.  I am a city-boy by KY standards growing up in a town of 60 thousand.  I’m also well-travelled enough to have heard the stereotypical comments from people on both coasts and many spots in between.  It’s all in good fun and I normally don’t take myself very seriously, so I never thought much of it.  In fact, I normally just return volley with a stereotype of mine own regarding their geographic origins or ethnicity or religion or whatever and we all have a good laugh…..But, I’m getting off task as that’s not entirely my point.

What I’m driving at is, why do you think television airs these types of programs?  There is “Swamp People” which I believe airs on the Discovery Channel and “Jesco the Dancin Outlaw” who has videos out and even tours the country playing different venues.  If you don’t know Jesco, here is some of his stuff.

Obviously they produce these kind of shows to make money.  That ain’t no kinda answer.  But I’d like to be a fly on the wall to see if they are they making them to inform?  Are they making them to laugh at or maybe withIs Ernie Brown being exploited or is he laughing all the way the bank?

What do you think?

And we’re off

Commisioning my newest Fantasy Football League had me writing a weekly recap over the past couple months, and now, when it’s over, I have the feeling that I will miss the writing assignment.  Add to that, the need/want to practice writing and find my style for no real purpose at all, and you have “we talkin about practice”.  I don’t have much of a plan for the site at this point so it will obviously evolve as time goes on.  Pretty sure nobody is going to be reading anyway, atleast for awhile, so it is what it is and all that good stuff.

I’m a live music junkie, sports nut, avid reader of many genres, and quite opinionated so hopefully this will be fun project all around.  While I familiarize myself with this process there will be lots of changes and experimental things going on so if there are any readers you’ll just have bear with me until I can figure this all out.  Until then I’ll probably just steal lots of stuff from other sites on the net.  With that said,

Note Eater

Old school Widespread Panic on the ceiling of one of the better venues I've been to.